Thursday, February 17, 2005

Random thoughts

I apologize for not posting much lately. I've been fairly busy are work and some other side projects. I do have some nice articles planned for the upcoming weeks - from some installation related stuff to some specific Win32 programming topics (http.sys is one of them). Plus, I plan to finally publish the custom action dll sample for MSI that I've been promising since forever.

First, let me thank "G-Man" Geoffrey for offering some server space to store the custom action stuff. Also, thanks to Tim for kicking me in the behind for not addressing the Steeler's loss after the last posting - we simply were beat by a better team. Google's Ad program thinks this blog is completely sports related now! As a side note, Tim touched on the whole Mark Jen story, and I concur 100% with his thoughts, especially his 'fourth criteria'. You will notice that I don't even mention my employer in any way nor blog about work related items that are not general domain knowledge.

Looking at some blog stats, my largest referral was from Joel on Software. Second was referrals related to a tablet pc review I did a while back. G-Man is the third best referral, closely followed by Aaron Stebner. I don't get too many off-topic Google search queries, and MSN Search ignores me completely. Heck, there are 12 referral URL's in their index, plus I submitted the URL months ago, yet not one page was indexed yet!

I'm actually surprised that the MSI Custom Action in script topic keeps coming up elsewhere. Of course, when you look at some strange behaviors in the Scripting engine, I can see why! Not that any of us would write code like that anyway...

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