Tuesday, December 21, 2004

XMLRPC-C 1.0 for Win32

If anyone is using (or trying to use) the XMLRPC-C library on Win32 and having issues with getting the examples (or anything) to compile and/or work with the WinInet transport, I have created an archive of changes to the 1.0 distribution that will probably solve your problems.

A few of the changes are likely not "clean" (but good enough for me to start on a quick prototype of something else). If/when I have some time later I will fix them up, confirm it doesn't break *NIX distributions, and send them in. In the meantime, if anyone would like the archive email me and I'll send it on - normal caveats apply.

Kudos to Bryan Henderson for recently resurrecting this library from an over 3 year grave. And thanks to Eric Kidd for the initial work!

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Steven Bone said...

UPDATE: If you grab the latest CVS drop from the SourceForge site, a "clean" version of the VC++ Win32 changes are now checked in. The examples are now the same between the Win32 and non-Win32 compilations. I added the unit tests as VC++ projects, and refactored the WinInet transport to accomidate some significant changes in the transport mechanism.