Thursday, June 03, 2004

Welcome (or something like that)

This blog is dedicated to random musings in software development and related topics I (or you the reader) may be interested in. I hope I don't receive any death threats though...

A bit about myself... I am a software developer for a Fortune 500 company (not that it gives me any credibility :) specializing in software deployment technologies and enterprise application management, although I do other stuff as well. In a typical day I may have several applications open - Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003 (C++ and C#), Source Safe (yuk!), Wise 9 (double yuk!), InstallShield DevStudio 9, Visual Build Pro, and SQL Enterprise Manager.

As far as development, my current areas of development include MSI (Windows Installer), and the Win32 API. The MSI stuff is mostly Custom Actions in both C++ and script. The Win32 stuff is mostly remote machine management in nature. Since there is no Blogging policy in effect at my employer, I prefer to not be more specific.

In my past, I have done lots of cool stuff related to audio fingerprinting and recommendation, and some general algorithm work. This was done in a cross-platform manner to work on both Win32 and Linux systems, using wxWindows (now called wxWidgets) for UI work as necessary. On Win32 we supported both WinAmp and Windows Media in addition to MP3 and other generic audio types.

Since this is more or less an open blog, please feel free to suggest topics of interest that you may want me to rant about. Welcome and thanks for reading!

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